Apex Blitz is the same course as our full Apex Fitness Battle, but without the running. Tackle our 10 battlegrounds as fast as you can to challenge yourself in a new way. It may sound easier than the full course, but Blitz has a tendency to punch it's challengers in the mouth!

OTL Community Fitness in Canby, OR will be hosting our Blitz event on 12.23.23. The event will start at 8am and will be a rolling start. This is a free event! Email to get on the start list!

OTL Community Fitness
248 NW 1st Ave
Canby, OR 97013

See below for more detailed info on each battleground.


MOVEMENT: 20 burpee box overs

All Boxes 24"

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes must drop to the ground so that their chest touches the ground and then get up and get over a 24" box. Athletes cannot touch the box with their hands and both feet must touch the top of the box although they do not have to be touching at the same time. Once over the box the athlete must go to the ground again so that their chest touches the ground, get back up and repeat the box over process.


MOVEMENT: 40yd weighted walking lunges

Men: 55lb sand bag
Women: 35lb sand bag
Young Adult (15-17): 35lb sand bag
Youth (11-14): 20lb sand bag

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes must perform 40 meters of weighted walking lunges. Knees must touch the ground on each lunge. Athletes need to come back up to full hip and leg extension before they can move on to the next lunge. Weight can be carried on either shoulder or on both shoulders behind the head.


MOVEMENT: 100yd tank push/pull

Men's resistance: level 3
Women's resistance: level 2
Young Adult (15-17) resistance: level 2
Youth (11-14) resistance: level 1

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Tank must be pushed forward and pulled back while always facing the tank.


MOVEMENT: med ball Russian twists

Men: 100 w/14lb ball
Women: 100 w/10lb ball
Young Adult (15-17): 100 w/10lb ball
Youth (11-14): 60 w/6lb ball

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes must have feet in the air while performing Russian twists. They can break up the twists and rest if needed but reps won't count if feet are on the ground.


MOVEMENT: skierg

Men's distance: 500m
Women's distance: 500m
Young Adult (15-17) distance: 500m
Youth (11-14) distance: 250m

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes can't leave skierg until it reaches required distance.


MOVEMENT: 20 ball over shoulder

Men's weight: 60lbs
Women's weight: 40lbs
Young Adult (15-17) weight: 40lbs
Youth (11-14) weight: 20lbs

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Ball must be picked up from ground and tossed or rolled over either shoulder while standing in upright position.


MOVEMENT: assault bike

Men: 25 calories
Women: 25 calories
Young Adult (15-17): 25 calories
Youth (11-14): 13 calories

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes can't leave battleground until assault bike reaches required calories.


MOVEMENT: 100yd bucket carry

Men's weight: 65lbs
Women's weight: 45lbs
Young Adult (15-17) weight: 45lbs
Youth (11-14) weight: 25lbs

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Bucket must be carried in front of the athlete against the chest/stomach region. It cannot be carried on shoulder or head.


MOVEMENT: rowerg

Men's distance: 500m
Women's distance: 500m
Young Adult (15-17) distance: 500m
Youth (11-14) distance: 250m

MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Athletes can't leave rowerg until it reaches required distance.


MOVEMENT: 20 ram burpees

Men's weight: 44lbs
Women's weight: 22lbs
Young Adult (15-17) weight: 22lbs
Youth (11-14) weight: 11lbs
MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Ram must touch the ground and chest must touch the ram while the ram is on the ground. When the athlete gets up to finish the burpee, the athlete must be fully upright and the ram must go above the athlete's head.